Silk Apron Catering

Menu Ideas
On the Cajun/Creole side:  Louisiana Meat Pies, Gumbos, Jambalayas, Garlic French breads, Shrimp Pistolettes, Creole Squash Ratatouille, Wild Rice Medley, Mini Pecan Pies, Cajun Syrup Cake, Creme Brulee Cheesecake, Oyster-Artichoke Dressing.

Luncheon Selections: Oriental Noodle Salads, Green Salads with Homemade dressings, Dynamite Chicken Salad Sandwiches, 7-layer dip, Black bean soup, cream of carrot soup, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Portabella sandwiches, etc.

On the heartier side: New Meican Pork Stew, Chili, BBQ sausage, brisket, burgers, Beef Wellington, classic vegetables such as Broccoli Hollandaise, steamed Brussel sprouts, Carrots Bernaise, Potatoes Duchess, Pinwheel Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes with Pesto, Grueyere laced pastas, Lasagnas,

Sweets: Chocolate Caramel Walnut Torte, Chocolate Souffle, Buttermilk/Pecan Pies, Cupcakes, Decorated Theme cakes, Cheesecakes, Pralines, King Cake (early spring only), Key Lime Pie and more.  See examples of my cakes on You Tube under "yameta67."
 Cajun/Creole and Southern food knowledge and beyond!
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